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4+ years Networking Experience, Expertise in IP routing and switching especially Cisco and Mikrotik, with the ability and certification of CCNA (Cisco) & CCNP (Udemy Completion). Many projects that I have handled, such as the development of Network Design & development on Government, Campus, Hospitality, Hospitals, Schools and many others. I am also an expert on wireless network with 2X internet provider experience for JFC international event (Jember Fashion Carnaval) in 2016 and 2017.


I have very strong skill and passion in networking, I also have good communication skill and presentation. Be middle man among technical and non technical person. I am also interested in web design and web developers as an added value.

  • Fullname: Hidayah Ramadlana
  • Birth Date: 16 Maret 1993
  • Job: Network Engineer, Networks Automation, Customer Relation
  • Website: www.netventura.com
  • Email: hidayah_ramadlana@netventura.com


Mastering routing and switching techniques, Network Automation, and also wireless networking.

  • 90%
  • 85%
  • 70%
    Networks Automation
  • 95%
  • 75%

More of my credentials.

A graduate of Jember polytechnic, Indonesia. in addition to formal education, I also actively participate in training, workshops, and bootcamp especially in networking. therefore I have good ability in networking, experience in networking 4 more years. I am currently working in one of the major telecommunication companies in indonesia. Here More more details

Work Experience

Network Operation

Januari 2015 - Present

Biznet Networks

Responsible for maintaining the superpop, maintaining and monitoring internal servers. Handles internet troubleshoot to customers, either from the one layer (physical), two (Datalink), and three (Network) layers. ensuring service to the customer goes well. Helps provide consultation to customers who are experiencing technical obstacles. And do a clear technical explanation to prospective customers.

Network Engineer

February 2014 - August 2014

Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia

Assigned to Monitoring backbone network, BGP and MPLS. ensure SLA and customer bandwidth according to the selected service, work on periodic reports of network performance. and briefing the current conditions to all co-workers.

Freelance Network Consultant

Jan 2014 - Present


During my free time and holidays, I do a lot of networking projects. designing a network from scratch or troubleshoot a pre-existing network. projects undertaken include projects in both government and private areas. providing reliable and straight to the point solutions.


CCNP Level, Python Network Automation, Ansible Bootcamp

February 2018 - Present

Udemy, Inc.

At this time learning is not limited to the offline class. In this digital age we can develop ourselves by taking online classes, one of them is Udemy as one of the largest e-learning in the world, I take some classes in udemy including Networks CCNP class, Network CCNA Security Class, Network Automation, Ansible and Cumulus Linux , SDN OpenFlow, ONOS. The class has a great contribution to my networking capabilities.

CCNA Level

November 2016

ID-Network Foundation

I am not a person who is easily satisfied with my ability, I consistently always learn to follow every latest technological developments. in 2016 I went to jakarta to take my first CCNA class. in addition to knowledge of networking there are other things more important, I get many relationships that until now we exchange ideas and solve problems together.

Bachelor Degree

July 2014 - June 2015

Polytechnic State of Jember

Computer engineering graduates with excellent grades. And some papers are appreciated by lecturers and currently applied to the public. During college I spent most of my time doing individual learning and research on networking.

Keep running and learning


Life is about developing yourself in every day

I will not stop here, in the future I will continue to improve my skills and abilities, until whenever, wherever, and from anyone. I am an open minded person and want to learn from others.


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Here are some featured work that I have done, maybe not everything is here, there are many others that I have done well. So I think the summary below already represents my ability.


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Whatever your question i will always be happy to answer it. Not limited to the things that are always serious, you can meet me just to spend a cup of coffee.


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